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List of Drugs (Formulary) Search Tool

Our drug search tool gives you quick access to covered drugs by:

  1. Drug name—in the brand and generic search box, type in your drug name.
  2. Alphabetical search—choose the first letter of your drug name.
  3. Therapeutic class search (drugs grouped by type of condition)—select your drug class.

Your results will display:

  • Brand name drugs (capitalized) and generic drugs (lower-case italics)
  • Therapeutic Class/Sub-Class (a group of similar drugs used to treat the same condition)
  • Dosage and strength
  • Tier status
  • Notes and restrictions (such as a quantity limit or prior authorization)
  • Formulary alternatives (similar drugs covered in the drug list)

If you have questions about our drug coverage, contact Member Services.

Last Updated: 10/03/2022