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About Us

Founded in California more than 40 years ago, Health Net believes every person deserves a safety net for their health, regardless of age, income, employment status or current state of health. That's why we provide health coverage for every stage of life and advance health equity with innovative approaches to care. Today, Health Net's 2,600 employees and 90,000 network providers serve three million members throughout California. We offer an array of health plans, including Medi-Cal, Medicare and individual and family plans.

In pursuit of our mission to transform our community, Health Net works with local organizations that promote healthy lifestyles and combat poverty and violence. Health Net is a proud supporter of the California Partnership To End Domestic Violence. In 2020, we donated over $130,000 to support domestic violence survivors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Health Net has also partnered with Donate4Sacramento to ensure the most vulnerable members of the community receive the help they need during the pandemic.

To increase health equity and make COVID-19 vaccines accessible to as many Californians as possible, Health Net administered more than 22,000 vaccines to residents in 70+ cities up and down the state. In less than a year, we traveled more than 40,000 miles and held more than 210 vaccine clinics.

Learn more about how we're working to create healthy neighborhoods by visiting the Health Net in the Community page.

Health Net also offers access to substance abuse programs, behavioral health services, employee assistance programs and managed health care products related to prescription drugs. We offer these health plans and services through Health Net, LLC and its subsidiaries: Health Net of California, Inc., Health Net Life Insurance Company and Health Net Community Solutions, Inc. These entities are wholly owned subsidiaries of Centene Corporation (NYSE: CNC), a Fortune 25 company providing health coverage to more than 26 million Americans.

Health Net Overview

  • Founded: 1979
  • Employees: 2,600
  • Managed Care Members: 3 million
  • Providers: 90,000
  • Hospitals: 314
  • Counties Served: 58

Office Locations

  • Bakersfield
  • Chatsworth
  • Fresno
  • Huntington Beach
  • Modesto
  • Oakland
  • Pasadena
  • Rancho Cordova
  • Sacramento
  • San Bernardino
  • San Diego
  • San Rafael
  • Stockton
  • Woodland Hills (HQ)

News & Media

Journalists can find more information about us in our News Center.

Health Net is Committed to Health Equity

California's incredible diversity is reflected and magnified in its Medi-Cal population. Health Net understands that the needs of Medi-Cal patients are as diverse as the population itself. That's why we've built teams, models and approaches that work to break down barriers, improve access and reduce health disparities.

In fact, Health Net pioneered an innovative and award-winning approach to health equity. It improves care quality and increases access for those who need it most by guiding effective partnerships and driving responsiveness at the member, provider and community level. Because of this work, Health Net was the first plan to be awarded the NCQA distinction for multicultural care. Our focus and achievements have also earned us accolades from state agencies, like the DHCS, and third-parties, like the National Business Group on Health.

How does our model work?

We address health equity from the ground-up with cultural competency trainings at every level and implicit bias training for providers that reduce existing disparities and tackle inequity at its root. These trainings benefit not just Health Net's members, but every patient served by these providers. We also understand that many of our members live with a range of abilities and disabilities and work to meet their needs by providing communication accommodations – like Braille and American Sign Language - and provider and staff trainings that build better support.

Our programs are successful because we understand that equity begins with culturally and community-specific interventions and have the resources through our national backing to deliver proven programs.

Our Health Equity Model in Action

Driven by our commitment and unique model, Health Net has launched innovative equity programs statewide. We've:

  • Improved postpartum care for African American women in Los Angeles
  • Boosted immunization rates among Russian children in Sacramento
  • Closed the gap in cervical cancer screening among Chinese women in the San Gabriel Valley
  • Partnered with respected community-based organizations to promote preventative care access for the Latinx community, and much more

NCQA Accreditation

Health Net is honored to be recognized by The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). The NCQA is an independent, not-for-profit organization that evaluates the quality of health care plans.

Health Plan NCQA Accreditation
Exchanges (Marketplace)
Exp. May 2025
Commercial & Medicare Health Net
Health Net Life HMO/POS, PPO, EPO
Medicare HMO
Exp. May 2025
Health Net HMO
Exp. May 2025
Health Net
Commercial, Marketplace, Medicare, Medi-Cal
Distinction Multicultural Health Care Exp. November 2023

Health Net Program Accreditation Contact: Laetitia Barrad, Director (818) 676-7516

Corporate Information

Health Net, LLC is a part of the Centene Corporation.

Health Net Leadership


Do you want to be part of a company backed by Centene, a Fortune 25 company? How about a company that believes healthier people create more vibrant families and communities? Every job at Health Net traces back to this sentiment. Join our team of individuals who come to work every day to transform the health of the community, one person at a time.

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Employment Verification

To verify employment, please contact our third party vendor, The Work Number, at 800-367-5690. Centene's company code is 14500.


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