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One Minute of Wellness Videos

Tip 1: Pets are Good for Our Brain
(1:10 duration)

Pets give us a brainpower boost and reduce stress. Both are good for brain health.

Tip 2: Stay Hydrated with Foods made of Water
(1:15 duration)

Every cell in the body needs water. Most of our daily water intake comes from beverages but look for foods too.

Tip 3: Healthy Eating Tips for Meat Lovers
(1:05 duration)

A healthy diet can include lean meats. Make the healthier choice and limit the amount.

Tip 4: Work-Life Balance
(1:12 duration)

You will never find the perfect balance between work and life. Aim for a healthy integration of both.

Tip 5: Mental Health and Children
(1:02 duration)

Your child's mental health is just as important as their physical health. Anxiety, depression or stress can happen to anyone.

Tip 6: Increase Mental Performance with Nature
(0:59 duration)

It's hard to slow down with our face-paced lives. But our brains can get tired. Nature is the perfect remedy.

Tip 7: Smarter Snacking
(1:04 duration)

When the afternoon slump hits, reach for a healthy grab and go snack.

Tip 8: Explore the Great Outdoors
(0:51 duration)

There are so many great and budget-friendly ways to explore your environment.

Tip 9: The Benefits of Gardening
(0:57 duration)

This moderate activity is great for all fitness levels. It’s a fun way to immerse yourself in nature.

Tip 10: Sun Safety and Pets
(1:17 duration)

As the weather warms up, make sure to protect your pet.

Tip 11: Money Saving Tips
(1:03 duration)

Use these tips for simple ways to save money in the grocery store or on your travel plans.

Tip 12: Mindful Eating
(1:12 duration)

Being mindful when eating will ensure you take the time to enjoy your food and reduce emotional eating.

Last Updated: 03/13/2024