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Health Net Wellness Webinar Series

Life moves fast! It makes healthy living a challenge. That's why our Wellness Webinar Series is a great resource to help you engage with your health – in an hour or less.

Monthly topics include tips for:

  • Healthy behaviors.
  • Exercise and nutrition.
  • Managing diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure.

Upcoming webinar – Wednesday, February 15, from noon to 12:45 p.m. Pacific time.

Keep Your Heart Healthy by Eating Healthy Meals

What does it mean to eat a heart healthy diet or meal? Our February webinar, Cooking for a Healthy Heart, explores one of the best ways to keep your heart healthy – eating healthy foods. Webinar highlights include:

  • What healthy heart foods are
  • How to shop for the right foods
  • Tips to add heart health foods at every meal
  • How to manage cooking for one and dining out

You will also be able to watch a few cooking demonstrations that detail simple ways to prepare heart healthy meals.

Join us

The Cooking for a Healthy Heart webinar will be held on Wednesday, February 15, 2023, from 12:00 p.m. to 12:45 p.m. Pacific time.

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Don't forget, our monthly webinars are offered to all Health Net members and to the general public. Feel free to share this information with your friends and co-workers!

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Previous webinar recordings

The Gift of Health

December, 2022
(48:25 duration)

Your health is your responsibility. When you treat your body well, you give yourself a valuable gift. To get – and stay – healthy is an ongoing process, though. It is a decision to care for your body at every age. But it is also about how you care for your mind and spirit. It all starts with knowing what to do to be kind to your whole self. Think in terms of how to:

  • Eat healthful foods.
  • Pick an exercise routine you enjoy.
  • Kick bad habits like excess drinking and smoking.
  • Find ways to manage stress – see a therapist and meditate.
  • Take time for your loved ones and hobbies.

Pick the things that ease your mind and help you feel happy. When you do them, your body and mind will thank you.

In this webinar, we'll revisit the wellness webinar topics we covered this year with a quick review of each. Think of it as a beautifully wrapped gift tied with a bow just for you. Topics include: heart health, back care, sleep, self-care, metabolism, brain health, positivity, immune system, diabetes, and gratitude.

The Gift of Health – English (PDF)

Diabetes Workshop: The Basics

November, 2022
(55:05 duration)

Diabetes affects 37.3 million people or 11.3% of the population in the United States1. This class will cover the A to Z's of diabetes and diabetes care. Topics covered in this webinar: what is diabetes, prevention strategies, signs and symptoms, the goals of diabetes control with lifestyle, medications, and monitoring. This class will be taught by a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES).

Diabetes Workshop: The Basics – English (PDF)

Give your Immune System a Boost

October, 2022
(57:28 duration)

Your immune system works to detect and protect you from harm. Our October webinar, Give Your Immune System a Boost, is designed to help enhance your diet to protect your health. Learn about types of immunity and common disorders. Plus, find how adding key nutrients in your diet can help to bolster your defenses.

Give your Immune System a Boost – English (PDF)

Nutrition to Reduce Stress

September, 2022
(54:00 duration)

When you feel stressed, what you may be tempted to eat and drink can undermine your health, fitness and weight-loss goals. Learn ways to calm yourself with stress-busting nutrients and mindfulness techniques. This can help you choose what your body needs, rather than what it craves.

Nutrition Tips to Reduce Stress: Food & Mood – English (PDF)

Positive Thinking: A New Attitude

August, 2022
(42:23 duration)

Most people tend to be optimistic by nature. But, as you know life isn't sunshine and rainbows all the time. Experts say the key to a good life is a balance between positive and practical. This webinar is designed to help you prepare to enjoy life and persist in tougher moments.

Positive Thinking: A New Attitude – English (PDF)

Your Brain Matters

July, 2022
(50:22 duration)

Often, we take our brain for granted. After all, it's the command center of the body, but likely you've probably never given it much thought until it doesn't seem as sharp as it used to be. Maybe you've noticed some slight changes. How can we best keep this important organ functioning at its best?

Growing evidence indicates that people can reduce their risk of cognitive decline by adopting key lifestyle habits. This webinar will focus on the anatomy of the brain, common brain injuries and conditions, the effects of screen time on brain function, food that help support memory and how best to keep this vital organ healthy and engaged.

Keeping Your Brain Healthy – English (PDF)

Nutrition Tips to Increase Metabolism

June, 2022
(47:25 duration)

Good nutrition and any type of exercise can help you add more energy to your day. Whether you want to shed pounds, maintain a healthy weight or just feel more vibrant, there are ways to do this through an active metabolism.

Nutrition Tips to Increase Metabolism (PDF)

Adjusting to the New Normal: Resilience, Endurance, and Whole Person Self-Care

May, 2022
(58:22 duration)

From lockdowns to masks and social distancing, to mass vaccinations and an ever-changing landscape of guidelines, the concept of "normal" has become fluid and elusive. We've been in a continual state of flux which creates imbalance and requires us to continually re-calibrate – whether it be daily or weekly, or sometimes even moment-to-moment. The goal of this presentation is to give some concrete ways to build resilience and endurance with a focus on our whole self so we can create a greater sense of homeostasis.

Whole Person Self-Care (PDF)

Sleep Well and Live Fully Awake

April, 2022
(48:33 duration)

The one third of our life we spend sleeping is not wasted time. In fact, studies show it's responsible for how happy and productive we are during our waking hours.1 Unfortunately, in our fast-paced life, sleep is often the area we feel we can skimp on with no negative long-term effects. But, not enough sleep has been associated with several adverse health outcomes including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and depression.2

In this webinar we'll learn:

  • The importance of sleep
  • Common sleep disorders
  • The benefits of sleep
  • Sleep and its impact on our health
  • Identify what might be keeping you up
  • Helpful tips on how to get those Zzzz's

Heart Health by the Numbers

February, 2022
(48:16 duration)

In celebration of Heart Health month, Health Net presents "Heart Health by the Numbers." Cardiovascular disease kills more Americans each year than any other disease. It's important to maintain good heart health all year long. This webinar will discuss heart disease risk factors with an emphasis on risks that contribute to heart disease as well as risk factors that can be modified with lifestyle changes.

When it comes to heart disease risk, making small lifestyle changes add up to a big difference in reducing disease risk, not only for heart health but reduce risk of other chronic conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and help maintain a healthy weight and manage stress. Other topics covered in this webinar include: complications of heart disease, ways to keep your ticker in tip top shape and important heart health "numbers" to know. Knowing our heart health numbers is important and in some cases can save our lives. It gives us the opportunity to see what our current health status is to determine if changes need to be made. By following a healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise and avoiding smoking, you can even turn bad numbers around to get your health status where it should be.

Start anew in 2022

January, 2022
(20:08 duration)

As we begin a New Year, many of us might choose to live more fully and healthier all year long with a new perspective and a renewed sense of excitement for what the New Year will bring. Many of us "let go" of the past and look forward to a "fresh start".

This webinar is designed with just that in mind: Start anew in 2022! The topics covered in this webinar are meant to highlight the "health journey" we have planned with the webinars this year. Heart health, back health, sleep, self-care/resilience, healthy eating to increase metabolism and reduce stress, brain health, positive thinking, boosting our immune system and diabetes will be presented this year.

Last Updated: 01/18/2023