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Californians Received Action, Education and Resources from Health Net Initiatives and Partnerships in 2022

Date: 12/16/22

In 2022, Californians aimed to improve their health and wellness in the face of many healthcare challenges. This included things like COVID-19 variants, mental health issues and more. Health Net used our partnerships to make a positive impact in the communities we serve. We helped improve access to care and resources with awareness, education and action.

This past year, Health Net partnered with more than 60 organizations and coordinated more than 180 events. We also expanded our support beyond medical needs and took action to empower and uplift communities, making a strong foundation for health and wellness. These activities focused on things like hunger, homelessness, vaccinations and more.

Health Net is proud of the initiatives and engagements we did throughout the year. Examples include:

  • Collaborated on implementation of CalAIM to transform Medi-Cal. We eagerly helped develop the state's new groundbreaking CalAIM program (PDF). We have led in its execution across our statewide footprint and have leveraged our expertise to come up with solutions that transform care delivery. In doing so, California's healthcare safety net has been enhanced.
  • Offered health services and resources at community events. Our three RVs were placed at community events throughout the year. They offered wellness screenings, preventative care, vaccinations, resources and more. These were free to both members and nonmembers alike.
  • Expanded California students' access to care. We awarded a $3 million grant to Hazel Health – the national leader in school-based telehealth. Now, students can connect directly with licensed medical professionals for on-demand care, whether at school or at home. Hazel Health is expected to expand into 200 new schools in 10 California counties by the end of the year.
  • Used mobile clinics to create new access points. The Health Net Mobile Outreach for Value, Equity and Sustainability (MOVES) program (PDF) brought essential screening and preventive services to hundreds of Californians in need. The MOVES pop-up clinics and services were tailored based on local needs. They offered a range of pediatric and adult health screenings.
  • Increased Black birth justice in California. We awarded a $150,000 grant to UCSF California Preterm Birth Initiative and Cherished Futures for Black Moms & Babies. This grant helped build a statewide coalition that will advance health equity for Black Californians. Until now, there has not been enough investment in a statewide collaborative that centers around Black birth justice.

These events and partnerships helped improve health and well-being in California. They also allowed Health Net to support and build meaningful relationships among communities. These connections remain a priority for our team as we move into the new year.

Last Updated: 12/16/2022