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More healthcare workers tapped and trained thanks to Health Net grants

Date: 03/22/21

Health Net's President and CEO, Brian Ternan, recently presented at the State of Reform virtual healthcare conference. He talks about the critical workforce shortage in healthcare. He also shows the great impact it has on our most-vulnerable, Medi-Cal eligible patients in California.

Ternan appears with Dr. Carlisle, President and CEO, Charles Drew University. Dr. Brea, CMO, WellSpace Health, is also there.

The three talk about how more people than ever need Medi-Cal. However, there are fewer primary care physicians and nurse practitioners entering the workforce.

Ternan shares Health Net's Workforce Development Report. It focuses on 3 key areas to close the job gap and attract people to healthcare jobs:

  1. Spot new talent.
  2. Provide a clear career path.
  3. Train on cultural differences.

Health Net recently invested about $4 million to the cause. The grants support partnerships and solutions. They will help:

  • More people see doctors
  • More workers stay in the healthcare field
  • Create a more diverse workforce
  • Satisfy more people with quality healthcare
  • Improve health outcomes

Recent successes thanks to Health Net

The Community Health Worker Pathway Program

Health Net, along with Los Rios Colleges Foundation, Sacramento City College and Greater Sacramento Urban League created a college program that is:

  • Affordable
  • Flexible
  • Tailored to underrepresented communities in healthcare
  • Expanding this year

Charles R. Drew University

Charles R. Drew University has a new tele-psychiatry program. It:

  • Helps with telehealth training in underserved areas
  • Expands local clinics
  • Increases patient access to psychiatric care in South L.A.

Partnerships like these help better serve Californians. Public and private partnerships are critical to strengthen communities and the healthcare system.

Last Updated: 03/22/2021