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Your pharmacy benefits will vary according to your Health Net plan. Please log in for the most accurate information. Use this section of the website to learn about the following:

  • Find covered drugs
  • Find a pharmacy
  • Pharmacy authorizations

Find Covered Drugs

Our formulary or drug list is a list of covered drugs selected by Health Net, along with a team of health care providers. These drugs are selected because they are believed to be a necessary part of a quality treatment program. Health Net covers both brand name and generic drugs. Our formulary is updated regularly, so make sure to look up your prescriptions before you choose a plan. There is no guarantee that any specific drug included on the formulary will be prescribed for a particular medical condition.

Please tell us more about yourself so that we can offer you the most accurate drug list information.

  • I'm a Health Net member

    Log in if you have registered with Once you log in, click the Pharmacy Coverage tab, and the select My Drug List. If you don't have a account, please register. After you register, you'll be able to log in and access the Pharmacy Coverage tab as described above. Please contact us at 1-800-675-6110 if you need help finding the drug list that applies to your plan.
  • I'm not currently a Health Net member

    If you're not yet a Health Net member, please see the Medi-Cal Drug List information below.

Medi-Cal Drug List

The Medi-Cal Drug List includes the drugs Health Net covers. We update our drug list often and it may change. You can get a copy of the drug list for free in other languages. Contact Member Services and ask for the drug list in your language.

Health Net Medi-Cal Drug List (PDF)

View the Molina Healthcare Medi-Cal Drug List for Los Angeles County on the Molina website

Pharmacy authorizations

For some drugs, your doctor must get approval from us before you fill your prescription. We may not cover the drug if you don't get approval. If your doctor or pharmacist tells you that a prescription drug is not covered, or has coverage restrictions or limits, your doctor may request a prior authorization or an exception.

To request prior authorization, your prescriber must complete and fax a Prior Authorization Form to 1-800-977-8226 for Medi-Cal members.

Once we receive the request, we will review it to see if it can be approved. If we deny the request, we will tell you why it was denied. We will also tell you how to appeal the decision.

Last Updated: 08/17/2021