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Health Net's SmartCare – Expanding Whole-Health Solutions

SmartCare offers easy-to-use benefits, predictable costs and a quality network, delivering an attractive, whole health option for your clients to offer – and for their employees to choose.

What this means for your clients

Enhanced value

Health Net pioneered the creation of tailored networks that deliver affordability without compromise in quality or benefits. SmartCare offers more ways to enhance and protect employee health and trim employer expenses, delivering the value that employers and employees want.

  • Trusted community-based network
    SmartCare is built on a tailored network of trusted, high-quality provider groups and hospitals. Plus, members can access convenient CVS MinuteClinics for walk-in medical services and preventive care.
  • Sustainable affordability
    With simpler plan choices and a mix of copayment and coinsurance designs, SmartCare meets budgets and exceeds expectations. For even more flexibility, employers can offer SmartCare plans alongside other Health Net plans.
  • Well-being as a way of life
    With SmartCare, your clients get benefits that make their employees feel valued, support their well-being, and sustain productivity.

Designed for growth

SmartCare is built to flex and grow over time with planned geographic coverage expansions and participating provider group additions. Our 2016 statewide expansion for employer groups 101+ is a great example! Go to Health Net's ProviderSearch for the most up-to-date listings of where SmartCare is offered and available providers.

Plans that fit employer budgets and employees' lives

Health Net SmartCare is a fit for both small businesses and mid-size/large employer groups. When it comes to benefits, SmartCare takes a 360° view of health. Beyond medical, every plan includes acupuncture, chiropractic and prescription drug coverage. Of course, preventive care is $0 for members. Connect below to learn more about SmartCare plans for our various group sizes.

CA Large Business Groups – Health Net Starting Line-Up Portfolio (PDF)

SmartCare FAQs

Why do SmartCare plans have an HMO design?

Beyond predictable costs and comprehensive benefits, our HMOs leverage the trusted relationship between doctor and patient, which is key to maximizing and improving health. The healthier any group of people is, the lower the costs and the higher the workplace performance.

What wellness resources does SmartCare offer?

Exclusive to Health Net, Decision Power® helps people build healthy habits, make decisions with their doctors, and manage complex health issues with a combination of wellness coaching, online resources and self-guided programs.

Large group adult SmartCare members can earn an annual $50 gift card reward just by investing in their health. All they do is complete the Health Risk Questionnaire (HRQ), share the results with their primary care physician (PCP) at a scheduled preventive care physical, and note the physician visit in their Health Net account.

SmartCare gives members instant access to Health Net in the way that works for them, including:

  • My Health Net: medical records, benefit details and claims information available to registered users.
  • Personal support and first-call resolution by phone.
  • Decision Power Healthy Pregnancy and text4baby.

Can groups offer more than one SmartCare plan to their employees?

Yes, they can offer more than one SmartCare plan. Plus they can offer SmartCare plans alongside other Health Net plans. Different underwriting guidelines apply to different combinations. Your Health Net account executive can provide details.

What can members do at CVS MinuteClinics?

CVS MinuteClinics are walk-in clinics staffed by nurse practitioners and physician assistants who provide treatment for common family illnesses and injuries, administer vaccinations, and offer monitoring for chronic conditions.

Is prescription drug coverage included with SmartCare plans?

Yes, all of our SmartCare plans for small business groups include three-tier prescription drug coverage. Mid-size and large groups have a choice of two pharmacy coverage options to pair with the SmartCare plan they choose.

Last Updated: 10/22/2021