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Commercial Plan Broker Certification

Please note: If you would also like to sell our Medicare products, you must be trained, tested and certified as well as contracted prior to selling your first piece of Medicare business. Please visit our Medicare Producer Training & Certification Center to learn more about becoming a Medicare contracted and certified broker, or call our Medicare Broker Services Unit at 1-800-708-7646.

Appointed brokers

To update your Address, Phone Number, Name (Only applicable if you have no TIN/SSN or License number change) to enroll/change your EFT or do a Web Registration, you will need to set up a Contract Account (please refer to the Self-service contract management portal section below).

Become contracted

How to contract with Health Net of California Inc. and Health Net Life Insurance Company:

We invite you to represent Health Net for your Individual & Family and Employer Group business. With Health Net products, you have a vast portfolio of quality benefit offerings to present to your clients – big and small.

In order to contract with us, you will need to have written or assumed your first piece of Health Net business. Using our online quoting engines for Individual and Small Group commercial business or working directly with a Health Net Commercial Sales Representative, you can obtain the plan information and rates you need for your clients.

Upon writing or assuming your first Health Net group or individual contract, you will need to complete, the following documentation through our Broker Self Service Web Tool.

  • Health Net of California, Inc. and Health Net Life Insurance Company Agent/Broker Agreement
  • Web registration
  • Direct Deposit Verification form
  • Online W-9 form
  • Proof of Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance coverage

Self-service contract management portal

Both new and existing brokers need to create a Contract Account using our Broker Self Service Web Tool. If you are already contracted as a Health Net broker you can use this page to:

  • Update your name (only applicable if you have no TIN/SSN or license number changes)
  • Update your address/phone/fax number
  • Enroll in EFT or change bank accounts
  • Complete a web registration

Please note: Your website account access is separate from this online broker registration process and needs to be accessed separately.

Start a new online Contracting Account with Health Net

Log in page
, after Broker Contracting Account is created.

When completing your online contracting documents, please ensure that:

  • The name on the Agreement, license and W-9 form match exactly.
  • If paid to a corporation, the corporation's tax identification number is provided.
  • If paid to an individual, the individual's Social Security number or tax number is provided.
  • You have a current and active license with the appropriate lines of authority, of Accident/Health and Life.


Each Agent/Broker must be contracted with Health Net of California, Inc. and Health Net Life Insurance Company in order to receive a commission payment. Commissions cannot be paid prior to the effective date of the Agent/Broker Agreement.

If you have additional questions or need further assistance on how to become a Commercial Broker, please contact the Health Net Broker Services unit at 1-800-448-4411, option 4.

Code of Conduct

Last Updated: 02/21/2022