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Put Your Mind at Ease

The Centers for Disease Control reported that 13 percent of Americans began or increased substance use disorders as a direct result of the pandemic.1

1 As of June, 2020. View CDC Website.

Your Behavioral Health Benefits Administered by Health Net

Being healthy is about your mental and emotional health as well as your physical health. Mental health and substance use disorder conditions are more common than people think. Plus, they’ve increased during stressful times like these.

If you or a loved one have been struggling with mental health issues, you are truly not alone!

One in five adults in the U.S. will have a mental health condition in their lifetime.2

2 CDC WebsiteAbout Mental Health, June 2021.

Mental Health

Your mental health includes a number of factors. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines someone with good mental health as being able to:

  • Realize their own potential
  • Cope with the normal stresses of life
  • Work in a productive and fruitful fashion
  • Contribute to their community

Mental health and substance use disorders

Mental health and substance use disorders affect people from all backgrounds and all age groups. They are common, frequent and can often be serious. But, they can also be treated.

Mental health disorders

Mental health disorders involve changes in thinking, mood and/or behavior. These disorders can affect how you relate to others and make choices. To be diagnosed with a disorder often depends on how it affects the way you are able to function in everyday life.

Substance use disorders

Substance use disorders happen when the continued use of alcohol and/or drugs causes major damage. This can include health problems, disabilities and failure to meet duties at work, school or home.

Getting the right diagnosis and treatment

If you’re concerned about your mental health or your substance use (or both), it’s important to get the correct diagnosis and treatment. And, it needs to come from a qualified mental health professional.

A good treatment plan is one that takes a whole-person approach. One that views all aspects of your wellbeing. Whole-person care is very important if you have both a mental health disorder and co-occurring substance use. Treatment can include many services such as medical, private or group therapy and more.

Prevention and Treatment

Health Net has many programs that can help you with mental health or substance disorder treatments.

Managed Health Network

Health Net is here to help you get the treatment and the support you need. Health Net has a network of more than 16,000 providers in California. Health Net customer service reps can help you find someone to help.

You can visit someone in person, or through our telehealth network. You don't need to be referred by your doctor or need an approval from Health Net. You can simply begin to visit an in-network provider for therapy or medication management. Give Health Net's Behavioral Health Services a call at the phone number listed on your member ID card or choose a provider.


Telehealth has become a tool to help get people into care more quickly. At the start of the pandemic, Health Net saw the need for members to receive services outside the normal office visit setting. As a result, Health Net contracted with more than 4,000 clinicians to provide telehealth services via secure audio/video platforms. All you need is a smart phone, tablet or computer to get started. Health Net call center staff can answer questions that you might have about getting a provider through telehealth.

Health Net has a 24/7 call center that is staffed with well-trained customer service reps and licensed behavioral health care managers – all of whom are ready to serve you. Call the phone number for Health Net listed on your member ID card to learn more.

Last Updated: 01/30/2024