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Health Net Vice President and Chief Health Equity Officer Recognized as Health Equity Hero by HealthTech4Medicaid

Date: 04/10/24

In our ongoing journey to make sure everyone has equal chances for good health, some people stand out as true changemakers. Dr. Pooja Mittal is one of these special individuals. She's the Vice President and Chief Health Equity Officer at Health Net, working hard every day to make things better, one person at a time.

HealthTech4Medicaid, an important group in the health field, noticed Dr. Mittal's hard work. They honored her as a Health Equity Hero. This award shines a light on her strong commitment to creating new health programs that help people from all backgrounds get the care they need.

Dr. Mittal's work also shows us how important leaders are in making big changes and encouraging everyone to treat people fairly and with respect in healthcare.

At Health Net, we don't just talk about making healthcare fair for everyone; we are actually doing it. Thanks to Dr. Mittal's leadership, we make real changes that can be seen and measured. She helps us stay focused on what's important—helping people in California get the care they need, no matter where they come from.

We are very proud to have Dr. Mittal on our team. Her knowledge and strong desire to make a difference are helping us make sure everyone has access to good healthcare.

Last Updated: 04/10/2024