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The Heat is On in California – Learn where you can Stay Cool

Date: 07/28/23

High heat is hitting Californians across the state! Many regions have had or will have triple-digit weather in the coming days.

According to a recent article on, the heatwave comes as the Southwest is in the middle of a summer that has brought temperatures well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit to parts of several states. On Sunday, July 16, a reading of 128 degrees was logged in Death Valley—just six degrees shy of the area's 1913 record of 134 degrees at Furnace Creek. The article also reports that temperatures are expected to peak above 110 degrees Fahrenheit in the Antelope Valley just north of Los Angeles.

Due to the extreme heat, the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) and its local partners encourage Californians to seek out cooling centers during this period. Those most at risk for heat-related issues that include:

  • Older adults (aged 65+)
  • Infants and children
  • Chronic medical conditions
  • Low income
  • Athletes
  • Outdoor workers
  • Those who are pregnant

Watch for signs

If you must be outside for an extended period, be aware there are three types of heat-related illness – cramps, exhaustion and stroke. It is important to watch for any of these symptoms:

  • Cool, moist skin with goose bumps when in the heat
  • Heavy sweating
  • Faintness
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Weak, rapid pulse
  • Low blood pressure upon standing
  • Nausea

If you have any of these symptoms, seek immediate medical attention.

Keep your cool

Stay safe! California has set up plenty of places throughout the state to beat the heat. Find the nearest cooling center where you live. Health Net encourages you to keep a list of these centers readily available in case of a heat emergency.


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Last Updated: 07/28/2023