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Health Net Partners to Reduce the Spread of Illness Across California Communities

Date: 07/31/23

Health Net has partnered with Kinsa to help California families better predict, prepare for and prevent the spread of illness. Kinsa is an early warning system to detect and respond to contagious illness. With support from Kinsa, Health Net will distribute up to 1,000 free smart thermometers to our Medi-Cal members.

Kinsa smart thermometers work with a mobile application that guides individuals and families to understand when and what type of care they need to seek. With the information gathered from more than 2.5 million Kinsa smart thermometers across the country, people can accurately forecast the spread of existing diseases weeks to months in advance. They have even predicted the emergence of novel outbreaks like COVID-19 weeks before other systems.

Early information that can detect where illness is starting and how fast it is spreading is important to help stop the spread. Kinsa’s system empowers families with the information they need to keep their loved ones well.

Kinsa’s thermometers are also capable of illness alerts that can help encourage preventative behaviors precisely where and when illness risk is highest. It provides messaging on which illnesses are going around the local area, how severe the risk of illness is and what can help you avoid falling sick.

Health Net is proud to partner with Kinsa to provide our Medi-Cal members with support to manage their physical health. Together, we can offer families with an illness support system and knowledge on what is spreading in their community.

Last Updated: 01/10/2024