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Thousands of Health Net Members Can Now Receive Virtual Speech Therapy Thanks to Partnership with Great Speech

Date: 03/24/23

A new partnership between Health Net and Great Speech Therapy will use licensed speech therapists to help provide Commercial and Medicare line of business members with better speaking skills. This will equip members to improve how they express thoughts, ideas and feelings. Plus, members will be able to better manage their medical care, as well as their daily lives.

The union will offer a value-based service – giving equal access and high-quality care to members with speech and communication disorders.

Great Speech's licensed speech therapists help ensure that their patients are understood by others. This, in turn, gives their patients increased:

  • Self-esteem
  • Problem solving skills
  • Healthy lifestyle results

They also serve adults and seniors with speech problems linked to age and memory loss.

As for children, speech and language experts at Great Speech help to review whether or not a child is ready for school. They also help children to get past learning and social hurdles.

Plus, speech therapists are also able to help members stricken by Long COVID conditions, which include:

  • Mental weakness
  • Brain fog
  • Speech and language problems

The teamwork between Health Net and Great Speech can help these members return to work with confidence, handle daily life and resume an active lifestyle.

To learn more about Health Net's efforts to use mobile and virtual care as advanced solutions for members, read our issue brief Expanding Access to Care: Mobile and Virtual Health (PDF).

Last Updated: 03/29/2023