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Vulnerable Members Helped During Storm Due to Health Net's Population Health Data

Date: 01/19/23

It's critical to act quick when a state of emergency happens. With Health Net's population health data, we can do just that.

Rain wreaked havoc across California recently. It hit hard specifically in Northern California. Health Net has members in counties, cities and zip codes that severely flooded. Four of the counties we service lost power. Another four counties are in burn areas, which could easily lead to additional flooding and debris.

Californian's governor, Gavin Newsom, issued emergency alerts and evacuations.

Within just four hours of this, Health Net targeted and called about a thousand of our high-risk members. We offered help to the most vulnerable ones with already limited resources and great needs.

Members welcomed the outreach. They were impressed we took the time to connect with them during the emergency when everyone is so busy. In some cases, we got to our members help before the county did.

About 3 percent needed additional support, such as:

  • Gas delivery and generators
  • Expedited referral to Clinical Pharmacy for medication help
  • Assistance for oxygen tanks

In all cases, our vendors ensured that what they delivered to our members worked properly and people were safe and healthy.

Health Net can't do anything to stop Mother Nature. But when a storm hits our members – weather-wise, health-related or something else personal – we're set up to deliver quick and seamless whole-person care where and when it's needed most.

Last Updated: 01/26/2023