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Attendees at the California WIC Association's 30th Annual Conference Hear from Health Net

Date: 05/20/22

Health Net's Senior Director of Systems of Care, Nancy Kalev, recently presented at the California WIC Association's 30th Annual Conference on the "Health Plan Panel: CalAIM & WIC, What's Next?"

Today, two-thirds of Health Net's members are Medi-Cal enrollees and are our foundation and core focus. Among those we serve in the Medi-Cal plan are pregnant women and children. That's why we work closely with the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) to ensure our members are aware of and utilizing WIC's programs and services.

At the conference, Health Net's recent efforts to support WIC agencies through a multi-faceted approach were highlighted. They include:

  • Medi-Cal Application Assistance: Assisted the South LA Health Project WIC offices to assist with Medi-Cal application enrollment.
  • Promotion of Programs & Services: Continuously promote WIC programs/services to our provider offices and sharing flyers at community events.
  • Flu Vaccine Event: Partnered with Public Health Foundation Enterprises (PHFE) WIC to host a mobile Flu Vaccine event from the Health Net Mobile Coach.
  • WIC Cinna Moms Sponsorship: Sponsored Cinna Moms baby showers, Black History Month events, and other outreach activities.
  • WIC Blood Pressure Project: Purchased 30+ blood pressure cuffs for PHFE WIC offices. WIC staff conduct blood pressure screenings to help identify if a member needs urgent care or medical care. Health Net also conducted Blood Pressure training for approximately 25 staff.
  • Nutrition Benefit Guide: Produced a guide to educate providers on how to obtain medically necessary infant formula and breast pumps for our pregnant members.

Last Updated: 05/20/2022