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The SMARTER Plan: California's Next Steps Against COVID-19

Date: 04/01/22

As we continue to learn more about COVID-19, it's become clear that it will remain with us for the foreseeable future. And as restrictions start to ease, Health Net wants to help ensure we have safe and healthy communities. Thanks to California's SMARTER plan, we can do just that.

Using the lessons of the last two years, the SMARTER plan is the next phase of California's COVID-19 response. Together, we will continue to fight COVID. This means getting vaccinated and boosted, wearing a mask, and taking other precautionary steps.

"Our path forward to fight COVID-19 is to be prepared with vaccinations, tests, masks, and education," said Dr. Ramiro Zúñiga, Vice President and Medical Director, Health Net. "Over the past two years Health Net has prioritized reaching people that have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19. We have learned that individual choices collectively yield better outcomes for our communities. Now is the time to take SMARTER steps to ensure all Californians stay healthy."

SMARTER stands for Shots, Masks, Awareness, Readiness, Testing, Education, and Rx.

  • Shots – Vaccines are the most powerful weapon against hospitalization and serious illness.
  • Masks – Properly worn masks with good filtration help slow the spread of COVID-19 or other respiratory viruses.
  • Awareness – We will continue to stay aware of how COVID-19 is spreading, evolving variants, communicate clearly how people should protect themselves, and coordinate our state and local government response.
  • Readiness – COVID-19 is not going away, and we need to be ready with the tools, resources and supplies we will need to quickly respond and keep public health and the healthcare system well prepared.
  • Testing – Getting the right type of tests—PCR or antigen—to where they are needed most. Testing will help California minimize the spread of COVID-19.
  • Education – California will continue to work to keep schools open and children safely in classrooms for in-person instruction.
  • Rx – Evolving and improving treatments will become increasingly available and critical as a tool to save lives.

To learn more about Health Net's participation in keeping communities healthy, listen to Dr. Zúñiga's interview (Spanish only) with Univision.

Last Updated: 04/01/2022