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Q. When will the transition take place?
A. As Health Net Northeast’s commercial customers reach their renewal dates, UnitedHealthcare will work to enroll these customers in a comparable Oxford or UnitedHealthcare plan. United will also welcome Health Net’s customers to their platform ahead of their renewal date upon request and if possible.

To make this process as easy as possible, UnitedHealthcare will use its technology, resources and sales support to suggest comparable plans, and streamline the renewal process. They will actively engage our brokers, consultants and general agents in this process. UnitedHealthcare has put in place a local team to support the transition. This team will provide information, address questions, and resolve issues specifically for Health Net clients and their brokers.

Health Net Small Business Group Customers with 2-50 employees

Our clients who renew between April and June may choose to renew with UnitedHealthcare or Health Net. These customers will have their group information preloaded into UnitedHealthcare’s IDEA system (UnitedHealthcare’s proprietary new business and renewal quoting system). Using IDEA will streamline the quoting and plan selection process for brokers and employer groups. Once the customer makes a plan selection, the group and members will be automatically installed electronically. UnitedHealthcare and Health Net will have in place a comprehensive process to assist our clients and brokers with the transition, including a focused, knowledgeable team that can seamlessly transition and renew groups.

Clients who renew in July and later will only be offered a UnitedHealthcare renewal through a completely automated process. Each group’s information will be loaded into UnitedHealthcare's online renewal tool from IDEA so the customer and broker can see all of the renewal plan options and rates available to them. Once a customer selects their plan, it will automatically be updated in their system.

Health Net Large Business Group Customers with 51 or More Employees

Our larger clients will be supported through their renewal process by designated UnitedHealthcare and Health Net representatives who will work with the broker/consultant and the customer to decide upon the best product option for their renewal.

Q. What are the benefits of this transaction to Health Net’s Northeast customers?
A. Health Net’s Northeast commercial customers who choose to renew with either a UnitedHealthcare or Oxford product will have access to a strong local network of more than 79,000 health care professionals, 200 hospitals and 7,000 pharmacies in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. UnitedHealthcare also has an extensive national network of 606,000 health care professionals, more than 5,000 hospitals and 60,000 pharmacies. UnitedHealthcare broadens choice and access to quality care with one of the largest local and national networks, robust clinical programs and a full range of affordable products, including:

  • Proactive care management and wellness tools, such as health coaching programs, which utilize the proprietary eSyncSM technology for access from multiple electronic platforms (e.g., phone, email, text messaging).
  • A full suite of disease management programs that range from helping members stay healthy to living with illness.
  • The most comprehensive database in the industry, which enables us to improve quality by creating evidence-based programs that use data to help physicians achieve optimal outcomes for their patients.
  • Health care technology and applications that simplify and enhance patient and physician engagement with the health system.
  • Service solutions tailored to the unique needs of all customer segments with local, rapid resolution teams, continuous monitoring of member, physician and customer feedback, and a focus on quality.
  • A wide selection of products at a variety of price points ranging from traditional rich benefit products to innovative consumer-directed products to EPOs

Q. How does UnitedHealthcare’s health care provider network compare with Health Net’s Northeast operations?
A. The health care provider networks are very similar. The majority – approximately 95 percent – of Health Net’s commercial physicians, hospitals and other health care professionals already participate in the UnitedHealthcare network. We are encouraging health care professionals who do not currently participate with UnitedHealthcare to join our network. For those who are not participating with UnitedHealthcare, they can join the network by calling 877-842-3210, entering their tax ID, selecting option 5, then option 1, which will take them to our credentialing team.

In the rare case where a member’s physician is not in our network, we will work with the member to ensure they have transitional care and a new physician that meets their needs.

Q. Whom can Health Net customers contact at UnitedHealthcare for more information?
A. There will be a dedicated toll-free number that Health Net commercial customers can call to find out more information about our UnitedHealthcare and Oxford products. This toll-free number will be listed in their 180-day withdrawal notification. They may also reach out to their general agents, brokers or consultants and visit our Web site at to get general information.

Q. Can Health Net customers still contact their Health Net representative in the Northeast?
A. Yes, Health Net customers should work with their Health Net representative until their Health Net product is withdrawn from the market. If they choose to renew with Health Net, they should work with their Health Net representative. We also will have a toll-free number listed in their 180-day withdrawal notice that employers can call if they have questions about their current Health Net plan. This toll free number will be answered by a Health Net representative.

Q. Will the plans remain the same?
A. Your Health Net plan will remain the same until the end of your contract; we have been working with the regulators in each state to set up a plan to transition the business smoothly. We will notify you and your members 180 days prior to your renewal date that your Health Net health plan will be discontinued and you will be offered a comparable UnitedHealthcare plan at your next renewal. At that time we encourage you to move to a similar plan offered by UnitedHealthcare.

Q. What UnitedHealthcare plans will be available to Health Net’s Northeast customers? Are there significant differences between the plans offered by UnitedHealthcare and Health Net?
A. The two companies will work together to identify the UnitedHealthcare or Oxford plan most comparable to their current Health Net plans. We have a range of UnitedHealthcare plans that Health Net commercial customers can choose from if they want alternatives other than what we have recommended. We may introduce new products to match certain products in the Health Net product portfolio.

Q. How does this affect my Medicare Advantage members? A. All of the benefits of their current coverage are in effect for your Medicare Advantage members for the contract year that began in 2009, and you can continue to choose Health Net for the 2010 contract year. UnitedHealthcare will work with you on your renewal for 2011 but Health Net will do all that we can to ensure a seamless transition to UnitedHealthcare for you and your members.

Q. How does this affect my Medicare Prime members?
A. All of the benefits of their current coverage are in effect for your Medicare Prime members until you renew with UnitedHealthcare. We will work to ensure a seamless transition for you and your members.

Q. How/Where will claims and other operations be handled?
A. As long as you continue to have a contract with Health Net, claims and other business operations will be handled in the same manner as they have always been handled. If any changes are made, we will provide full details well in advance of implementation.

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