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Go to any participating pharmacy to obtain a 30-day prescription of medication. If you take a prescription on a daily basis consider signing up for mail order pharmacy.

Cost–saving tip
Get generic alternatives to brand-name medications.

CVS Caremark – mail order pharmacy

With mail order pharmacy you'll receive an extended supply of your prescription medication (90-day supply for the price of two copays instead of three). Have your medication delivered to a location of your choice (e.g., home, office or vacation spot).

Get Started

  • Call or have your doctor call FastStart directly at (800) 875-0867. When you call, be sure to have the medication name and your doctor's information handy (name, phone number and fax number if available).
  • Order online. You will be prompted to enter your username & password or to register. Next, click on "New Mail Order Prescriptions" then choose "FastStart". Fill out the request form and Caremark will contact your doctor for you to get the new prescription.
  • By mail. Download (pdf), print and mail in the order form along with your doctor's prescriptions.

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