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How to Enroll

How to Enroll

Get Covered with Health Net Blue & Gold HMO!

Pick a plan

We are offering University of California employees and non-Medicare retirees the following plan options:

  • Health Net Blue & Gold HMO
  • Seniority Plus (if Medicare eligible)

See the Plan Details page to read about specific plans benefits and coverage details.

Choose a Doctor

If you are enrolling in either HMO plan you need to choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP).

Tip: If enrolling in Blue & Gold, the PCP you choose has to be affiliated with one of the network's participating physician groups (PPG) (pdf).

Enroll in Health Net today!

Questions? Check out these materials to learn more about Blue & Gold:

Need more? We're here with answers to your questions. Email us at or call 1-800-539-4072.

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