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Make your best treatment choices with Welvie

Facing a possible surgery? Get the insight you need to make smarter decisions that lead to better results with Welvie, an online surgery decision program.

Six steps to better results with Welvie

  1. Get the right diagnosis
    Welvie helps you clearly understand your symptoms, so you can make the most of your doctor’s visit and get the right diagnosis.
  2. Know what to ask your doctor
    Welvie shows you how to ask all the essential questions – and the answers you should be seeking – so you can make informed decisions about your medical care.
  3. Find out if surgery is the only answer
    With Welvie in your corner, you can discover if an alternative treatment might work for you. If surgery is the answer, we can help you get the best outcome.
  4. Select the right hospital
    Welvie guides you in selecting the right kind of hospital for your needs – they’re not all the same! And it reminds you of some key things to ask the doctors and nurses on your surgical team.
  5. Prepare for surgery
    Welvie walks you through the pre-op details to handle before your operation, so all you have left to do is heal.
  6. Recover at home
    Welvie helps you get ready for your return home from the hospital, make sure your recovery goes smoothly, and prepare to get safely back on your feet.

It pays to know Welvie
Blue & Gold HMO members and any covered family members can each receive a $25 gift card by completing Steps 1 through 3 of the program and taking a brief survey. The gift card offer is available once a year.

Access the Welvie surgery decision support program today

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