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Transition of Care - Medical

Are you or any family members currently receiving on-going medical treatment? If yes, please notify Health Net as soon as possible about your medical situation by calling 1-888-893-1598. Doing so will help to ensure a smooth transition of care.

If you are currently under a doctor's care and he/she is not part of Health Net's physician network call Health Net at 1-888-893-1598 and talk to a customer service representative. You may be eligible to apply for transition of coverage benefits.

Ensure your current doctor is part of our network or find a new one:

  1. Start your /portal/member/Provider Search
  2. Choose a "search method" and follow the subsequent instructions
  3. Next, select your plan type from the drop down menu

    • HMO plan: Choose "HMO-Group & Salud HMO Plus"
    • POS plan: Choose "Elect, Elect Open Access, Select - POS"
  4. Select a Medical Group

    • (Tip: To narrow your search by PCP, hospital or urgent care center, click "additional search criteria" before clicking the green "SEARCH" button.)
  5. Click "Search" and review your results

POS Members: Your initial search will bring up Tier 1 (HMO) providers. If you want to find specialists in our PPO network - conduct your initial search then from the results page, narrow your search by selecting Tier 2 PPO from the drop down menu under Step 4.

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