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New Health Net Medicare Broker Training & Certification – Arizona

Please Note: This page is for new brokers who have never contracted or certified with Health Net Medicare Programs. If you are a returning broker and need to recertify, please click here.

Welcome to Health Net! We are glad to have you certify with us to sell our 2013 MA and MAPD plans.

Prior to marketing or selling any Health Net Medicare Product, you MUST follow each step listed below to ensure accurate completion and efficient processing of your Broker Agreement.

Getting Certified

  • Step 1: Determine Broker Type

    You can contract with Health Net to sell MAPDs/MAs as either an Independent Broker OR a Selling Agent (not both). Please refer to the definitions below to determine which broker type best fits your individual situation.

    • Independent Broker — is an individual who contracts with Health Net directly.
    • Selling Agent — is an authorized broker who is affiliated with a Health Net contracted Sales Entity (Field Marketing Organization, General Agency, Managing Agency, or Agency).
      • FMO (Field Marketing Organization): An FMO is an agency contracted to provide broad coverage for the marketing and sales of a health plan. Areas of support will include, but are not limited to, Marketing / Lead Generation, Call Center capabilities, and Administrative functions.
      • GA (General Agency): An GA is an agency contracted to provide sales of a health plan. Typically, a GA's territory is somewhat defined and its focus is on Broker recruitment and sales. Areas of support will include, but are not limited to, Broker Certification, Sales Training, Product Training and Compliance Oversight.
      • Managing Agency: A Managing Agency allows a brokerage to have Agents write under them. Please speak to your Health Net Sales representative in regards to qualifications, and details of contracting as a Managing Agency.
      • Agency: An Agency allows a brokerage to have Agents write under them. Please speak to your Health Net Sales representative in regards to qualifications, and details of contracting as an Agency.
      Note: Only one Health Net contract can be in force at any time, therefore if a broker/brokerage is contracted as an FMO they (and Brokers under them that have signed an Appendix A agreement) cannot contract in another state under a different contract type.
  • Step 2: Complete an Agreement Cover Page

    Contact Broker Services at (866) 459-1212 to receive the correct contracting paper work based on your individual needs.

    • Selling Agent - Complete a Broker Marketing Authorization Agreement (Appendix A) to affiliate with an FMO, GA, Managing Agency or Agency.

    • Independent Broker - Sign an independent Broker Agreement to contract with Health Net.
  • Step 3: Take 2014 AHIP Exam
    • Go to our Health Net AHIP site (even if you have already completed an AHIP certification. Further instructions will be provided once you launch Health Net training program site).
    • Refer to: Health Net-AHIP Site Access Instruction
    • Take the AHIP exam and obtain your AHIP Certification of Completion
  • Step 4: Review HN 2013 Broker Compliance Training Documents
    • Read all HN required documents on Health Net AHIP site
    • Print and sign 2013 Health Net Acknowledgement confirmation
    • Stay Tune for Further Instructions – Health Net will provide additional information when the 2014 Health Net Product Training and Compliance Trainings are available. Once these trainings, combined with your 2014 AHIP Training are complete you will be eligible to market and sell 2014 Health Net Medicare Products.

      Reminder: Please do not send Health Net any contract documents until after you have successfully completed the Regional Product Training (to be announced).

  • Step 5: Attend a Health Net Product Training Session

    Contact Broker Services at 866-459-1212 for face to face product training. You will receive a Training Form at the end of the session. Complete all fields and retain a copy for your records.

    ***All Arizona-based brokers MUST attend an in-person training session. (Webinar Product training is not available for Arizona.)

  • Step 6: Submit all complete Training and Certification documents to Health Net Medicare Broker Intake Unit - or fax to 1-866-581-1595.

    ALL SIX DOCUMENTS MUST BE SUBMITTED TOGETHER. Incomplete packages will not be processed!

    • Completed Agreement Cover Page. (Either Independent Producer Agreement OR Appendix A)
    • 2013 Health Net Acknowledgment Form
    • 2014 AHIP Certificate of Completion
    • 2012/2013 Health Net Regional Product Training Acknowledgment Form
    • A copy of current state insurance license
    • W-9 (NOTE: The name on your W-9 MUST match the name on your state insurance license)
    • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) form (optional)
  • Step 7: Receive a confirmation email
    • A confirmation email will be sent by HN Medicare Broker Contracting in 7 to 10 business days after a complete certification package is submitted. Email subject line is “Welcome to Health Net!”
    • Please note you CANNOT conduct HN Medicare sales presentations nor submit member applications until you receive this confirmation email from Health Net.

Getting Help

If you need assistance with the contracting process, please call:

Health Net Broker Services — (866) 459-1212

Important Documents

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