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Account Services Unit

Our Account Services Coordinators are available at 800-547-2967 Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm or by e-mail at

We provide support for Brokers, Employers, General Agents and Third Party Administrators to assist with:

  • Benefits inquiries and clarification
  • Product and plan overview.
  • Claims inquiries including claims submissions for reprocessing
  • Verifying eligibility
  • Password resets for Brokers or Employers
  • Ordering single copy collateral

Medicare Sales and Service

Click here to reach Medicare Advantage Sales and Service

IFP & CA Farm Bureau

800-909-3447, Option 1 for Brokers, then

Option 1 – Commission Questions (All CA Market Segments, except Medicare)
Option 2 – Check Status of an IFP or Individual CA Farm Bureau (CAFB) application.
Option 3 – Questions on the Broker Delinquency Report, order supplies, benefit or rate questions, broker contracting questions, and other general questions
Option 4 – Questions regarding premium payments (except Medicare)
Option 5 – Benefit/Claims questions for an active member

Fax & Email Addresses:

IFP / CAFB Billing Dept:  
  Fax: 916-935-4522 | Email:

IFP / CAFB Enrollment Applications:  
  Fax: 800-977-4161 | Email:

IFP / CAFB Underwriting: 
Fax: 916-935-4438

Broker Services:
Fax: 877-977-2947 | Email:

Small Business Groups

800-447-8812, then

Option 1 – New Quotes/Proposals
Option 2 – Renewals for existing accounts
Option 3 – Claims issues or benefit questions for an existing account (For Brokers, Consultant, or Employer Group Administrator)
Option 4 – Enrollment Status of new group sales
Option 5 – Broker Commissions, Contracting & Appointments
Option 6 – Eligibility or Account Billing  
Option 7 – Provider issues / ID Cards / Address Changes (For members)

SBG Membership Fax # for Billing & Enrollment Issues:   916-935-4420

SBG Account Management Fax #s:  

South Team:   818-676-6297
North Team:   800-303-3110

Email for Broker Services:

Large and Mid-Size Groups

800-448-4411, Option 4

Additional Departmental Contacts

Collections Dept for Groups:   800-828-2525

Life Insurance Dept. for questions regarding Eligibility and Billing:

COBRA Department:   800-977-2207, Option 2

Help Fight Fraud, Waste & Abuse

Fraud Hotline 1-800-977-3565
You Can Make a Difference - Report Suspected Fraud

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