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Next Generation Telehealth

Health Net is going beyond an on demand model by expanding access to virtual care and ongoing support for our members.

Our telehealth programs can:

  • Inform: High quality information on the coronavirus, and what to do about it.
  • Consult: Virtual consultations with licensed clinicians when patients need it.
  • Monitor: Digital in-app monitoring with a care plan for each individual.
  • Refer: Swift transfer to face-to-face and emergency care when it's needed.
  • Decide: Support the decision to self-isolate with our AI Symptom Checker – 24/7 Live Chat support with coronavirus-trained professionals.

As we focus on improving care coordination and access, we hold ourselves accountable to meet the needs of the populations we serve, one member at a time.

Telehealth resource options and features*

Teladoc icon

  • Virtual doctor visit by phone, web or mobile app.
  • U.S. board certified doctors
  • Medical advice and help about COVID-19.
  • Short term prescription refills.
  • Manage medical history through app.
  • Available 24/7

Available through 12/30/2021

Babylon icon

  • Digital healthcare provider
  • Mobile app
  • Speak with a healthcare provider
  • COVID-19 care assistant
  • Check symptoms or find treatment services
  • AI chatbot connects you with resources
  • Available 24/7

Available for non-grandfathered plans effective 1/1/2021

Nurse Advice Line icon

  • Licensed nurse access
  • Telephone support
  • Advice from anywhere
  • Nurses can assess ical conditions and symptoms
  • Nurses can recommend next steps for care
  • Available 24/7

myStrength icon

  • Confidential online tool for managing mental and physical health
  • Guided and diverse programs to help manage pain
  • Access behavioral therapy and mindfulness programs
  • Empowering mood tracking and stress relief activities


  • Free online directory of social service organizations
  • Connects people with free or reduced cost services
  • Services include medical care, food or job training
  • Programs are researched and verified
  • Personalized by zip code searches

* Note: MinuteClinic and Teladoc may not be available with all plans, networks, and groups. See Sales Consultant or Account Manager for details.

Last Updated: 12/28/2021