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You want the winning plans and networks that offer the right fit for everyone, and every group.

At Health Net, we continue to deliver your clients the coverage choices they want – so you can take your business where you want it to grow.

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Our HMO and PPO plans + networks are winning combinations of cost savings, competitive rates and care access.

  • Platinum/Gold HMO plans paired with our best-for-small-business WholeCare and Full HMO networks continue to help control costs for employers and employees.
  • Platinum HMO plans can provide the lowest out-of-pocket costs (see example chart below).
  • PPO Value Gold and Silver plans + Full PPO Network offer the advantages of flexible, broad PPO coverage with competitive market rates and plan premium savings.

Your Health Net sales representative can help you get started today with:

  • Comparative quotes
  • Targeting savings over our competitors
  • Finding the lowest prices throughout the Southern and Northern California markets

Platinum HMO plan example: potential out-of-pocket cost savings based on benefit usage of a 40-year-old member located in Region 15

Plan and Network Options
WholeCare HMO Plan Benefit Usage Platinum $10 Out-of-Pocket Costs Platinum $30 Out-of-Pocket Costs Gold $50 Out-of-Pocket Costs Silver $50 Out-of-Pocket Costs
PCP office visit $10 $30 $50 $50
Specialist visit $30 $50 $70 $70
Outpatient surgery (hospital) $150 $500 $1,300 $2,5001
Pharmacy prescription $5 $5 $15 $20
Follow-up PCP office visit $10 $30 $50 $50

Total Plan Benefit Usage Out-of-Pocket Costs

$205 $615 $1,485 $2,690

Plan Premium after 50% Employer Contribution

$207 $193 $181 $164

Total member out-of-pocket costs

$412 $808 $1,666 $2,854

1 $5,000 service with a 50% cost share

Boost your book of business with our latest underwriting guidelines (PDF):

  • Simpler selling: Participation guidelines have been reduced to 25% within our Enhanced Choice A and Enhanced Choice B programs.
  • Flexible choices: Three separate underwriting programs.
  • Smoother enrollment: No DE9C paperwork required.

  • View and download our small business Q3 2021 premium rates and medical/vision/dental benefits for ACA-compliant plan policies, dental and vision, effective 7/1/2021-9/30/2021.1
  • Contact your Health Net sales representative to find our lowest rates throughout the Southern and Northern California markets!

Rates summary:

  • Medical: Q3 2021 small business rates will have a 0.3% increase for PPO and EnhancedCare PPO plans, and a 0.4% increase for HMO and HSP plans.2
  • Dental: No rate or plan changes at this time.
  • Vision: No rate or plan changes at this time.
  • Optional chiro: No rate or plan changes at this time.

These rates can be released immediately. However, you must include this disclaimer:
"Rates quoted are pending completion of regulatory review."

1 Please call your Account Manager for Grandfathered rates at 800-447-8812, option 2.
2 The above rates represent statewide averages. Actual plan rates vary by rating region. Percentages shown compare Q3 2021 rates to Q2 2021 rates.

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PPO Value plans
Full Network PPO
Offer the advantages of flexible, broad PPO coverage with competitive market rates and plan premium savings
Dental, vision, chiro, life Our business-boosting bundling discounts (PDF) make our ancillary benefits (PDF) even more competitive
Telehealth and care access options We're continuing our expanded access to care options (PDF) with Babylon Health, CVS MinuteClinic, Nurse Advice, Heal, myStrength, Aunt Bertha

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Last Updated: 04/06/2021